Visitors to the Gallery

card tableIt was blustery and wild down at Macandrew Bay this afternoon. Visitors were blown in the door and the blazing fire was an immediate attraction. There’s something about a weathery day, people’s conversations are softer, words are slower, and hugs are closer.

gallery visitorA cat came in from the cold but wouldn’t venture far from the door once she spied Tabitha, who was visiting the Gallery with her owner Pat Berman.  Pauline stopped for a break from working in her studio and

Gallery visitor 2wandered into the Gallery with some home-made bread and cheese for my lunch.

sharing my lunchMouth full how could I resist Tabitha’s well-practiced ‘starving look’. Note the speaker in the background. I collected the sound system this morning for our FOUR POETS reading tomorrow afternoon. We’re closing the Gallery from 1-3 while the reading is on as there will be no room for wandering around – we have a FULL HOUSE.  John happily tested the microphone giving me a private poetry recital!

gallery viewsViews of the Gallery on various days. Note the fire is out in the lower picture – proof it is not always cold in Dunedin!

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