Dave Gunson

Dave Gunson

Dave Gunson

Dave Gunson was the first artist to respond to my request and also the first artist to select a poem. So when he asked could he please possibly please select two poems as both were especially meaningful to him I emailed back, of course. When his next email enquired about size restrictions I wondered what he was contemplating. I knew he would have to get the works down from Auckland  but…… I cautiously replied that last year we had no size restrictions and it all came together so I’d allow him creative freedom to do what he wanted. As soon as I pressed send I suddenly had thoughts of a shipping container being unloaded at the Gallery. Too late to retrieve the email. It was gone, gone gone. And Dave’s reply was a heart stopper xcellent… now where’s that side of a shed I was going to use…? Nah… don’t worry… I’ll save the shed for something else!

Let’s move on!!!!!

Small Shadows

Small Shadows

Dave has been a freelance artist/designer/author for nearly 40 years. He has written and/or illustrated around 200 books, plus many paintings for New Zealand Geographic posters, and has designed postage stamps for New Zealand and several other countries. He has also been engaged as art director for several magazine publications, for New Zealand and the USA.

Night Horse

Night Horse

Though he is best known for his works that depict aspects of what might be called ‘The Natural World,’ he also regularly explores other genres, such as surrealism and various avenues of abstraction.

The Juggler's Act

The Juggler’s Act

He has been involved in several solo and group shows of his paintings, in which some aspect of the natural world is often the main subject, though invariably ‘tweaked’ and messed around with in some manner.

Orewa Tree

Orewa Tree

2 Responses to Dave Gunson

  1. Dave! says:

    cor… I wish I cud paint like dat!

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