Janie Porter


I was having a lovely web browsing evening several months ago when I came across some of Janie’s work in a Gallery. I tracked her down via her website and explained about the exhibition. Her response was immediate and positive – This sounds wonderful. I’d definitely like to be involved. I look forward to hearing back from you soon. With heaps of other commitments – extended family visiting, an April exhibition…….. I’m extremely  pleased Janie has joined our Bellamys at Five artists.

Janie Porter is a New Zealander and lives in Christchurch.  She trained in England, New Zealand and at the University of Fine Arts in Hanoi, Vietnam.

She is known for her work in portraiture, landscape and birds. While working in various mediums, usually with a palette knife, she is constantly experimenting with transparency and form.

Apart from New Zealand, she has exhibited in the UK and Spain. Her work is in private collections in several countries around the world.

Paths of Life

Paths of Life

I thought we could start with a painting of mine from 2011. It was one of two that I did at the time. I wanted to explore the parallel worlds of children, how they are among us but also living in their own space often of huge imagination. On the other  hand I don’t want to over explain the painting because if you zoom into the detail you’ll get it!

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