Pamela Brown

My camera and I take regular walks around Dunedin. After my first siting of The Wallpaper House I made a mental note to return. The house intrigued me and I had a feeling it might be a forever changing work of art. On my second visit I was delighted to see the apron and the open door. Well open doors are so inviting aren’t they. I knocked,  wandered in and was delighted to meet Pamela. I enjoyed a slow stop-go look around her Gallery before we got chatting and I just happened to mention Bellamys at Five.  I tentatively invited Pamela thinking ‘she’ll be too busy but it’s worth a try,’ and practically pirouetted on the spot when Pamela agreed to take part. 


Artist, Mother, Educator,
Born Southland, lives & works in Dunedin,NZ.
Diploma Fine & Applied Arts
Diploma Teaching
Master Fine Arts (distinction)
Known for colourful painted family portraits

marys pictures 036
Creator of The Wallpaper House Installation.

Partner in the Art Dept. –  art educators in Dunedin.

marys pictures 080
Currently working with collage, wallpaper, maps, aprons, ballerinas, dogs, & much more!

marys pictures 094

If you’d like to keep a close eye on what Pamela is up to go here and here

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