Lynn Taylor

Lynn Taylor

on a diet
she devours
recipe books

When I emailed Lynn for a contribution to the exhibition blog she replied:

My first response was to reenact my chosen haiku so I selected an old recipe book and devoured it.poemblog

  I put it through the shredder, then


  cooked it (looks a little like some sort of pasta!),

poemblog2reconstituted it into a pulp in a Hollander, (a machine that pulps/beats up
paper), and then made new sheets of paper.


This photo shows the paper drying on boards outside my studio.


These papers are being sewn into small simple longstitch bound books along with other papers.  Who knows, someone may even take one along to a waiting room and write poetry in it!

I’ll make another work for the exhibition but I like to initially research with my hands and let my activity lead to new ideas.


Lynn has offered to hold a couple of longstitch bookbinding  demo/workshops while the Bellamys at Five exhibition is on. I’ll post more details in the next couple of weeks.

1 Response to Lynn Taylor

  1. Love this Lynn! Will I Get to meet you in Auckland when I come over?

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