Beverly Claridge

Katy Buess suggested I might like to ask her friend Beverly Claridge to take part in Bellamys at Five. I googled Beverly, found her website, and decided to try my luck! My email flew South and I was absolutely delighted when Beverly’s reply came whizzing back with a, yes please.

Introducing Beverly Claridge:

Caught-self portrait for same exhibition

Caught – self portrait for “Out of Hand”, the Southland Museum Exhibition with Anna Claire Thompson in 2012

It seems only natural that I now own a Gallery (and Picture Framing Business)  For years, I’ve toiled in my own studio, and all the while encouraging as many visual artists down in the Great South as possible.  I now spend most of my days working midst the most incredible artwork, much of it from those very artists I’ve felt compelled to encourage. I’m thrilled to be a part of this exhibition, recommended to me by friend and paper artist extraordinaire, Katy Buess.

2013-05-02 21.26.06

Ocean Art artists(Bernie Casey, Richard Burfoot, Chris Flavell, and Deow) at the crowded opening of our latest exhibition at the Gallery. I love my job!!!

I’m a Kansas-born girl who came to New Zealand in 2001 to be with my Kiwi husband, Bill.  My main area of interest nowadays artistically is considering how people spend their most valuable asset—time!  I now get to consider a poem which speaks to me of a particularly special time a fews years back that I enjoyed with my young granddaughter on our many journeys around Southland in  “Granddad’s truck”.  She loved singing….well, we both did!!! Windows wide open…breeze blowing our hair wildly.

Me in my old studio applying rabbit skin glue to rabbit skin gesso for “Out of Hand”

My favourite artists….well I would have to mention a couple of my mentors, I suppose.  Allie Eagle is a dear friend back up in Auckland now.  Since I’ve taken on the gallery, our conversations have become fewer. I miss them.  As have my conversations with Peter and Jessica Crothall.  Jessica Crothall looks like a delicate flower.  Her artwork belies her petite stature.  Bold, strong, no apologies.

Who do you say I am 410 x 475 mm

Who Do You Say I Am for “Out of Hand”

My studio is now moved to the gallery.  Poems in the Waiting Room exhibition will provide the very first venue for artwork from my new studio.  I love my new studio…in the back upstairs of the Old National Bank Building in Invercargill.  Sunshine spills through western windows in the afternoon.  My official date with my new studio is 1 June.  Queen’s Birthday weekend.  I’m sure I’ll feel like a Queen.  Creativity can do that.

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