This morning there’s a note


David Kelly-Hedrick used recycled pallets to recreate Alyson Hallett’s poem How the World gets Bigger. David’s work resided at our house while awaiting the exhibition. Being such a large work of art the only space for it was in our front passage so whenever we opened the front door it was the first thing to greet visitors. And one of our visitors purchased it! Because David was heading home to the States before the exhibition opened we decided it would be great if he had the money to spend before he left so our friend paid him, she took the work home and David spent the money in New Zealand.  And why are there three green letters? Well that’s the poet’s initials.

And here is the very same artwork ensconced in its new abode.

DKH at Imos

David made two hangings, from drift wood found in the Otago harbour, which he asked me to display and sell at the exhibition. The hangings were lines from poems which he admired. So although they weren’t in the official exhibition, as the poems hadn’t appeared in our poetry cards, I was very happy to include them especially as David wanted all the money raised to go into the Poems in the Waiting Room funds. Both sold on the opening night.

Pictured below is Mary Oliver’s line before I chained the words together and hung them up.

David K

A line from Mary Oliver’s poem, The Summer Day

And a line from Albert Wendt’s poem Mauli hanging in the Gallery

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