Chamomile, lemon balm and giraffes

Annelyse Gelman is the fastest working artist in the exhibition. I only met her 10 days before the exhibition and in passing conversation I happened to mention that one poem had just lost an artist. She immediately offered to take on the challenge. This is Annelyse’s interpretation of  Chamomile and Lemon Balm by Paula Harris.


Richie Orrick chose Danielle Hope’s poem, Giraffe. Well that’s what he says but I think  Giraffe chose him. They’re well matched – both unafraid of sticking their necks out!


Richie was  also attracted to Kate Duignan’s poem, Grandmother. He’s currently living in Ireland and was worried this work might not reach me in time so he sent instructions and sketches to his mate Dave Gunson, another exhibition artist, and Dave interpreted Richie’s interpretation of Kate’s poem. Whew I hope you can follow that!


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