Llew Summers


Llew and his bronze sculpture – Ecce Homor

We’re regularly drawn to Wanaka for our autumn holiday. The colours are fantastic, there are plenty of leaf scuffing opportunities, the days are crisp and the evenings snuggly cool. Years ago we’d pack up the car with the lads, their mates, bikes, and balls and enjoy the break in various rental holiday homes. Now we’re home alone we still head to Wanaka for our holidays. These days the journey is much quieter and there’s not nearly as much cooking involved once we’re there!


I first discovered Llew on one of our Wanaka trips. His sculpture, the hand that nurtures, draws me in for a nestle every time. With no pc and no tv, Wanaka holidays have always produced some of my best poetry. I wrote a poem about the hand that nurtures a few years ago and sent it off to Llew as a gift. His generous reply was a gift in itself.



When I decided to ask artists from around New Zealand to take part in this exhibition Llew came to mind straight away. I was pleased to receive his positive response. Llew’s work can best be seen on his website so why not travel there now for a look at his fantastic sculptures.

The Skaters

The Skaters


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