Mike Glover

I seem to have been trying to write a decent artist blurb for the last 20 years. I’ll give it another go – the problem being that I find it hard to express myself in words. I guess that’s why I’m a painter.

'The Pull of Light

‘The Pull of Light

My style veers towards simplicity – I like to pare things back and get a sense of space. My viewpoint is often elevated so I can get sweeping views of the landscape. I enjoy art with a visual punch that makes you take notice eg.  just about anything by Georgia O’Keefe.

Many things inspire my work; the power of nature, rivers, weather, native flora and fauna, Aotearoa, vibrant colour, light and dark, dawn, dusk, patterns, music, mood, motion, emotion, stillness, beauty, balance, environment, place, and people.



Since childhood, I have always been doing art and I have been a full-time artist since 1995.  My first exhibition in 1992 was to be all acrylic paintings but I ended up running out of time. Someone suggested I do a few drawings to fill in the gaps so I dug out a forgotten box of pastels and felt an immediate affinity with this powdery medium.  Most of my work is now in pastel – I love the way pastel flows onto the paper and I love the bloom and vibrancy of the colours.

Mainland Rhythm

Mainland Rhythm

Since 1994 I have lived in Springston South in the Selwyn District, south of Christchurch, and have enjoyed being involved in the art scene here.  Most recently, I’ve been part of a group setting up the ‘Down By The Liffey Gallery’, a community art gallery in Lincoln which has provided artists with a much-needed space to exhibit since the earthquakes.



Over the years I’ve had numerous solo and group exhibitions in and around Canterbury and the South Island. The title of a painting can give a cue but ultimately paintings have to convey their own meanings without words. Hopefully my paintings speak for themselves. I hope you enjoy them.

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