David Kelly- Hedrick

David Kelly-Hedrick

I first met David  when he called in to our When North meets South exhibition last year. I quickly accepted his offer to help with PitWR while he was in Dunedin and David took on the prestigious  role of honorary proofreader for the autumn and winter cards. We meet up now and then in local cafes to talk about poetry, art and the bigger picture, life.

David was the instigator for a poetry installation at Dunedin’s Fringe Festival earlier in the year. See my blog about it over here


David is featuring as an artist and poet in Bellamys at Five. He’ll be heading back to Seattle with his family before the exhibition opens. I know, it’s a real pity. I’ve tried to convince him to apply for NZ citizenship but… home calls. And this is a first, my introduction is longer than the artist’s spiel! He is too modest.


David is an artist and writer living in Seattle and works professionally in the youth leadership and social innovation fields.  Recently he installed poetry art in botanical gardens and city parks and is keen for the next unique opportunity to creatively represent poetry in public.


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