Kate Fitzharris


I’ve always loved drawing and making things. And I have always loved reading and books. I am an artist and a mother of 2 young children. I also work in a Public Library, and I feel all these things feed into each other. I came across some Poems in the Waiting Room cards a few years ago, and what wonderful medicine it was at the time. So I was very pleased to be asked to be part of this project.

pile of books

pile of books

I am excited about this project because it is bringing people together from different art forms, and because I really like being given something specific to respond to. In this case being able to choose a specific poem myself (which by the way was quite hard with so much great work to choose from) was a real pleasure.  It is a welcome opportunity to explore new ideas and working methods.

clean and folded

clean and folded

My work mainly depicts people and explores how we find meaning in our daily lives. My most recent exhibition ‘Where to from here’ references the ongoing nature of life, and those ordinary moments when significant things happen. You might not be able to say what it is but there has been a shift of some sort – when something touches you or moves you in some way. And you can begin noticing things around you afresh.

about the studio detail

I was working on this show when Ruth first contacted me. I was making some figures that had a real sense of waiting, and I ended up choosing a poem that also talks about waiting, and much more.  I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Otago Polytechnic School of Art, with a major in Ceramics and have been exhibiting nationally for about 12 years. Primarily working with ceramics, I also work with found materials, especially well-worn textiles.

Tell you what

Tell you what


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