When penguins come home in the evening


Penguins lurking in the Gallery

Back in my teens I spent many weekends exploring the Otago peninsula. I never failed to be enthralled by the evening sight of penguins surfing onto the beach on their bellies, waddling over the sand and hopping up the dunes to their burrows. When I first read Fiona Farrell’s poem, Penguins, I was immediately transported back to those years.  Penguins tells us about these small creatures clambering onto the rocks to their burrows. If you’ve ever wondered what they do when they get to the burrows well Fiona has the answer.  Naturally, they take off their shoes and socks!

Philip Webb selected Penguins as the poem he wanted to work with and created two artworks – one on a canvas and one we have framed.


Penguins 1 on canvas


Penguins II prior to framing

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