Who’s counting?

Merrill  Simmons-Hansen decided she would like to work with James Scruton’s poem, Counting the Days.

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Pauline Bellamy, the better half of the Bellamys Gallery partnership (oops apologies John, I meant to say one half!!) is the only artist with three works in the exhibition. When some of the artists couldn’t make a choice between two favourite poems I relented and let them exhibit two works. When Pauline smilingly told me she was drawn to three poems I was happy to say, go for it. Pauline’s smiles make her irresistibly likeable! We’ve  survived two exhibitions and although we both repeatedly say, never again, every day an idea for another exhibition crops up in our conversation until one of us says, hey what happened to never again! Pauline’s three etchings are below with the name of the poem and poet underneath each one.


Viola by Meg Campbell


For Heidi with Blue Hair by Fleur Adcock

Economics by Jacob Polley

Economics by Jacob Polley

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One Response to Who’s counting?

  1. Barbara Snook says:

    Wish I was there, it all sounds wonderful xx

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