Bookbinding at Bellamys

Another event organised to accompany the Bellamys at Five exhibition was  long stitch bookbinding tutored by Lynn Taylor. The first class was at the Gallery yesterday afternoon. Lynn sent me this photo of the completed works.


This afternoon I was minding the Gallery and it was four hours of fun! Lynn was tutoring  her second long stitch bookbinding class. She has great skills as a teacher and a terrific sense of humour. Everyone was very relaxed and went at their own pace. Pauline popped in with a cake and Lynn had made a yummy chocolate brownie so the girls stopped for a very enjoyable sustenance break.  I was multitasking – providing weather updates, taking photos and standing on the  press to aid the flattening process!

Enjoy the photos below.

The class

Learning and laughter

Rosalind, Elizabeth, Noeline and Gamze and some of the first books they made.


The girls beavering away at the second books, in progress and completed.

Wild dayThe view this afternoon from the Gallery. Sand was blowing across the road from the beach, a street sign blew down the road  just missing a car, and the wind was whipping everything in sight. The cafe next door brought in their outdoor pots and furniture before they all ended up in the harbour.

Rosalind's book 3I left before the end of the class but Rosalind sent me this picture of one of the embossed hard covered books. I think it was Tamze’s as she was first to finish the other two books!

Ruth and Pauline, taken by Peter Gregory

I’ve got a work day tomorrow so Pauline and John are minding the exhibition. I’ll still post a couple of exhibition works here tomorrow evening though so call in for a look-see.  I’ll be back down at the Gallery on Thursday afternoon. Do call in. We love to see people, even if you’re not in a purchasing frame of mind!

monsters3Before I go, huge thanks to Lynn. She is a superb teacher. If you’d like to attend one of her workshops let me know and I’ll pass on your details. She is toying with the idea of having another one in October but that depends on her time and the number of people interested. Lynn’s wonderful critters having been selling so quickly I begged for more please. She managed to find the time to create another three. The ballerina has already sold but the other two were still for sale when I left tonight.

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3 Responses to Bookbinding at Bellamys

  1. lynnjtaylor says:

    Thank you Ruth and the Bellamys for all the organising and space to work it – a fabulous couple of afternoons. Yes – people on the waiting list for these classes will be invited to do a class at Glenfalloch when Art in the Garden is on (Sunday 13th Oct).

  2. lynnjtaylor says:

    Oh and here is where you can purchase the handy tea bag paper

  3. lynnjtaylor says:

    Missed out on this class? Due to a waiting list for these classes there is another chance coming up soon. Longstitch Book Binding workshop at Glenfalloch Homestead – make a soft and a hard covered book as part of Art in the Garden, Sunday 13th October 1.00 – 4:30.
    Cost: $50. (All materials provided but it may be useful to bring your own pencil/pen and a camera if you want to take photos of bookbinding stages as you work.). Limited places
    available, so to ensure a place please register your interest with Lynn

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