From our exhibition walls

I’ve heard that the first bookbinding workshop this afternoon was a great success. I’m looking forward to minding the Gallery tomorrow afternoon and having a peek in at the second workshop tutored by the talented Lynn Taylor.  We’re so very pleased that Lynn  was able to fit these two exhibition events into  her diary of busyness.

And now for today’s two artworks from our exhibition walls. Both these works are acrylic on canvas.

DSC02015Pat White is a man of many talents – poet, author and artist. He chose Bill Sewell’s wonderful poem Mainland as the inspiration for his exhibition work.

DSC02079Ella Knapton is a student at the Dunedin School of Art. She chose  Emma Neale’s poem, An Inward Sun, for her inspiration. This was the winning poem in the Poems in the Waiting Room 2012 competition.

Come back tomorrow night. I’m hoping to have some photos from the second long stitch bookbinding class.

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One Response to From our exhibition walls

  1. ejneale says:

    How astonishing to see where Ella has taken the sun-spill here…I’m really looking forward to getting a sense of the full dimensions of this when I can stand in front of the work.

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