I enjoyed a busy afternoon at the Gallery catching up with Peter and Laura Gregory, Karen and Bill McArthur, and James Dignan.  Peter and Laura are both exhibiting in Bellamys at Five and they’ll be back again on September 22 to take part in Questions and Artists. James was an exhibitor in last years, When North meets South, exhibition. He missed our opening last Sunday night as he was at the rugby so I emailed him during the week and encouraged him to come down. I couldn’t help myself, I had to mention that if he’d attended our opening he would have enjoyed a happier end to his evening! For those readers who are mystified, Otago lost the rugby game and the Ranfurly Shield on Sunday night.  And Karen, she’s an old friend. Old, as in an old friendship, not as in an elderly friend!

I also met two lovely women from Auckland who were in Dunedin for the Practice Managers and Administrators Association of New Zealand Conference. We haven’t reached Auckland yet so they were extremely interested in our poetry cards. I sent them away with a bundle to show their colleagues.

I had a chat with a lady visiting from Sydney and a couple from America. They all went away with our latest spring poetry card.

I had an old copy of one of the braille poetry booklets so enjoyed sitting down and showing another couple how one double-sided poetry card when transcribed into braille turns into an 18 page booklet.

And during the quiet times I watched a water skier and  a couple on a jet ski playing in the harbour. There were a number of families playing on the beach with buckets and spades. And the ducks were blissed out with crumbs, bits of chips and left over picnic scraps!

I’ll be heading down to the Gallery tomorrow afternoon. Do call in for a look around and watch Lew Walsh at work. He is our Sunday ‘artist in residence.’

Laura created this work, Flowers as words, in response to Wendy Cope’s poem, Flowers.

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