FYI Dunedin

A cool Gallery afternoonToday was one of Dunedin’s cooler days. When I arrived at the Gallery this afternoon John has just lit the fire for me – I was Gallery minding while Pauline and John had some ‘time out’ together.  I had a wonderful time: chatting to locals who popped in, talking to Jonathan from The Star (look out for next week’s edition), guiding people around, and welcoming my friend Susan and her daughter who dropped in with some freshly made cookies for my afternoon tea!

Sep viewAbout 4.00 pm  I let the fire go out because the sun was shining in and the Gallery was snug as. I’d love to have a view like this from my workplace. Pauline and John are so lucky to be based in Macandrew Bay and this location in particular.

Green Tea-K BuessPauline arrived back with a copy of FYI Dunedin  – the council’s monthly newsletter – and opened it up to show me our Questions and Artists event on Sunday September 22 was mentioned alongside a photo of Green Tea, Katy Buess’s interpretation of Dale Ritterbusch’s poem of the same name.

Kate FitzRunning a Bath – Kate Fitzharris’s response to Anna Jackson’s poem, Johnny’s minute.

Tomorrow is a work day for me but I’ll be back down to the Gallery on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Come on out for a drive Dunedin peoples, or a paddle, or an ice cream, or a meal or snack at the cafe. Whatever you choose make sure it includes a visit to see our exhibition at Bellamys Gallery.

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