Two from Lew

HoneA friend emailed me last night to say there was a mention of the exhibition in this week’s Listener. I popped into the dairy next to the Gallery this afternoon, bought a copy and was pleased to see our fourth placing in the Take 5 column.  My friend Susan called in to have another look around and to shout me a take away hot chocolate, but the cafe was closed due to carpeting so I’m hoping she might pay another visit next week! Then my cousin Liz called in for a quick hello, Suzanne Middleton arrived to take some photos to accompany an article she’s writing about PitWR, and locals popped in for a chat. In between visitors Hone kept me company. His eyes seemed to follow me around the gallery. Hone is Lew Walsh’s response to Jan Hutchison’s poem, Another letter to Hone.

And staying with Lew, here is his response to Margaret Mahy’s poem, Dining Out. I asked each artist to choose one poem but several came back to me saying they were so torn could they please have two – Lew is one such artist!

Lew will be at the Gallery this coming Sunday afternoon (September 8th) – so come along for a browse, watch him paint, and if you have time to sit for 20-30 minutes he’ll sketch you for $30.00.

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