We are five!

view from bellamys

View from the Gallery

 I took this photo from the doorway at Bellamys Gallery yesterday morning. There’s a small beach across the road, a cafe next door and a dairy on the other side. With ice creams, hot chocolates and paddling on offer – I’m spending as much time as I can down at the Gallery over the next three weeks, well after work and on my days off.

The exhibition opening last night was a great success. I enjoyed having the opportunity to talk to poets, artists, and friends, catch up with people I met at last year’s exhibition and also meet new people. We sold several artworks, with others being pondered over and return visits promised. And our exhibition poetry book, the art of poetry, sold extremely well. If you’d like a copy go here for further information. I’ll share some exhibition opening photos with you in the next day or two.

I’m planning to update the blog each date with a photo of an artwork or two. So let’s start with Llew Summers’ sculpture, his response to Happiness, a poem by UK poet Meg Bateman.


Embracing the Silence

If you’re in Dunedin come on down to Macandrew Bay for a drive and a wander through the Gallery. Between Sep 1 and Sep 22 the Gallery will be open daily from 12 -5. We’ve set up a small room where you can listen to young Cameron Monteath’s composition in response to Ted Koosers poem, A Rainy Morning, and here you can also watch a video Dunedin artist Claire Beynon made in response to Kay McKenzie Cooke’s poem, life’s work.

TODAY_Lifes Work_Bat5_Kay

Claire’s artwork in response to life’s work

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2 Responses to We are five!

  1. lynnjtaylor says:

    A fantastic opening – lovely energy in abundance.

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