Hanging around at Bellamys

NIghtfall from the Gallery

Evening arriving – view from the Gallery

I’m not long home from the Gallery where Pauline, John and I have been hanging all the artworks. Yesterday we played around positioning the artworks and after an hour or two reckoned we had it right. So Pauline drew up a plan, and we tucked them all away, for 24 hours. All we had to do today was hang according to the plan, or so we thought. Today, being a wonderful Dunedin ’24 hrs away from spring’ day we realised the sun was going to affect some of the work. So it  was an afternoon of rearranging and mind changing!


Pauline rearranging

Lynn Taylor’s original contribution was a response to a haiku and she delivered it to the Gallery a few weeks back. Today she called in with further work in response to the same haiku. They’ve very clever, very creative, little creatures. I will say no more.

still smiling

Pauline and John Bellamy

This afternoon, while I was down at the Gallery, Barry was swamped with phone calls from friends offering help. So tonight I have a team lined up for kitchen duties, food and drink assistants and general gofers. I’m not sure if there’ll be anything left for me to do!

Lynn's critters

They were desperate to be blogged so here they are – Lynn’s little critters

Over the next three weeks I plan to post photos of all the exhibits. So don’t worry, the opening of the exhibition doesn’t signal the end of the blog!  Cheers  Ruth

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One Response to Hanging around at Bellamys

  1. lynnjtaylor says:

    Thanks Ruth – yes they are attention seeking little creatures!

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