art’n poetry

spiral bound

This morning, moments before Pauline Bellamy arrived to help me transport the artwork down to Macandrew Bay, South City Print rang to say the exhibition books were ready. I dashed down to Fox Street and collected the art of poetry, a limited edition print of 150 exhibition books.

Once I got home, Barry, Pauline and I took a five-minute break to admire the book, the poems and accompanying artwork. Once the exhibition is underway I’ll take some photos from the book to give you a taste and tempt you to buy a copy!

Then three cars full of artworks headed down the Bay. Barry came back home while I spent the afternoon with John and Pauline. John was framing while Pauline and I worked out where we wanted each work to be placed – that took some time! Then Pauline made a sketch of our placements and we bundled the works up again as we don’t want to spoil the opening by having them on show too soon!

John framing

John at work this afternoon

While I was there people were popping in and out of the Gallery. On being introduced to me one lady said, Oh I always go to my physio appointment 10 minutes early so I can read your poetry cards. I was so so delighted to hear that as I very rarely get to meet our readers.

More Leith artAnd no this isn’t an exhibition artwork – I’ve decided to keep them blog free, until after the opening. I spied this while we were out walking in the weekend. There’s an amazing amount of great street art around Dunedin when you start looking for it.

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