An exhibition match

Bellamys at Five Collage

Pauline and John Bellamy

The second to last artwork was couriered to our doorstep five minutes ago and another work is being delivered at 8.00pm so we’re almost there!

During the past week I’ve emailed all the ‘out of Dunedin’ poets and sent them photos of the artworks inspired by their poems. Their responses have been overwhelming. I was asked to convey messages of thanks and appreciation to the artists and in two cases I stepped back and put the poet and artist directly in touch with each other so they could continue to converse. This was an unexpected and very joyful side to the exhibition.

Tomorrow is a, ‘tidy up all the loose ends’ day for me and then Friday we’ll start working out where everything will hang in the Gallery. But we won’t be actually hanging until the last-minute as we want Sunday’s opening to be exciting for everyone.

Otago has been rejoicing all week as the holders of the Ranfurly Shield. Sunday evening is their first game defending the Log o’ Wood and I’ve already heard of two families who are splitting up – the guys to the rugby and the girls to our exhibition! Let’s hope Otago put on an exhibition match on Sunday evening!

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One Response to An exhibition match

  1. Lynn Taylor says:

    Sounds exciting! I will pop in tomorrow to check out the book binding space!

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