Remodelling Bellamys

One wall down, but still a work in progress

John Bellamy has been busy remodelling the Gallery for our exhibition. He has been  so very very accommodating. I wanted to be able to seat the maximum amount of people for the Four Poets and Questions and Artists events and I also wanted everyone to be able to see so….. John took a wall down, closed off a door, and when I called in last week it was looking wonderful.

Gallery from back to front

A view of the Gallery looking streetwards

Earlier this week I received an email asking me to reserve two seats for the poetry reading. Just because I’m inquisitive (a softer word than nosey I think), I googled the emailer and discovered she’s not only a poet but also an artist. I went to Annelyse’s website, and wandered around listened to her music, watched her read and looked at her art work.  When I emailed Annelyse to tell her how much I enjoyed her poem video she replied

If you have any open spots for readers in the future, I’d love to get involved. I regularly perform poetry in the United States, have a book coming out in Spring 2014, and am hoping to make some contacts here in New Zealand so I can set up shows here.

We arranged to meet up for a chat and exchange of ideas on Thursday.

Meanwhile on Tuesday night John Holmes rang to say he couldn’t fit all his requested poems in the book he was handprinting. This was fine but I couldn’t bear to think chamomile and lemon balm was going to miss out on joining the others in the exhibition. So acting on a 2.00am thought I emailed Annelyse at 6.00am and asked her if she would be interested in creating an artwork in response to chamomile... in ummm 7 days!! And she was keen, still is keen and as I write this is probably frantically working away on her contribution!

When we met up on Thursday I asked Annelyse to come along to Bellamys on Sunday September 8, if she’s in town, and play her guitar while Lew paints.  This will be a very informal afternoon with no bookings, no seating, just a chance to wander around the gallery, watch Lew at work (and perhaps ask him to sketch you), while listening to Annelyse play – IF she’s in town. I’ll confirm this as soon as Annelyse has worked out her itinerary for the next few weeks.

Gallery from the doorway into the second room

A view from the main Gallery into the second room

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