the art of poetry

the art of poetryThis afternoon I collected the proof of the art of poetry from South City Print. It’s a 60 page A5 spiral bound book which features each artwork appearing in the exhibition alongside its inspirational poem.  Tonight my task is to proof read it.

And yes the cover is very plain but it was never going to be able to compete with the work inside.  And you can’t see the spirals as this is a spiralless proof copy. I would like to assure you the book is in focus and there are no camera strap shadows on it either. I just took some quick photos because  I’m not meant to be writing this blog, there’s proofreading to do! So a sneaky peek inside…….

the art of poetry haiku

Write your own – Lynn Taylor

Lynn has made 10 soft leather hand bound books and 4 hard cover hand bound books. She used a variety of papers including reconstituted paper handmade from a pulped (devoured) recipe book – “Dine with Elizabeth”.

Lew Walsh’s response to Jan Hutchison’s poem

Lew will be at Bellamys Gallery on September 8th from 12 to 5.00pm. Read about it here

the art of poetry will be available for purchase at the exhibition for $20.00. I’m happy to post copies anywhere in New Zealand, with $4.50 added for packaging and postage. If you’d like to order a book just send  an email to me (Ruth) at

My thanks to Jenny Longstaff and Chris Arnison, for photographing the artwork, extra thanks to Jenny for designing the book and many thanks to the poets and artists for allowing me to reproduce their works.

Right, I’m off to ….. proofread.

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