Lew’s afternoon

bellamies photo

Lew Walsh, one of the Bellamys at Five artists, came over to our place last night and funnily enough the conversation turned to the very looming exhibition! While we were chatting, my mind was trying to interrupt with an idea. Finally, finally I allowed it some space and I heard myself asking Lew if he would like to come and paint/sketch at Bellamys Gallery during the afternoon of Sunday September 8th. Well, Sunday 1st is the exhibition opening, and Sunday 15th is the poetry reading while Sunday 22nd is the Questions and Artists event so Sunday 8th was looking rather vacant.

Lew has two artworks in our Bellamys at Five exhibition. One is his response to a Margaret Mahy poem and the other is his interpretation of Jan Hutchison’s poem, Another letter to Hone. They are both wonderful pieces of work.

So, if you’re at a loose end on Sunday 8th September pop down to Macandrew Bay  to see the exhibition, watch Lew at work or even have Lew sketch your portrait.  He’s charging $30.00 (cash please) for a 20-30 minute sitting – no bookings, just first interested, first in for the lucky draw!

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