Parting Gifts

This morning I met up with David Kelly-Hedrick in our favourite pub in the lower Octagon. There was a poignancy to our meeting as only 8 months ago I’d arranged a rendezvous at Craic with a guy from Seattle who was really into poetry and was keen to meet me. And now after 8 months of fun with words and poetry he’s on his way home again.

David Kelly-Hedrick

Although he’s drifting out of our Dunedin life he’s left his mark around Dunedin. There’s this installation he quietly placed in a Dunedin location.

David Kemail

This is the artwork he created for our Bellamys at Five exhibition in response to Alyson Hallet’s poem

19and then there are two further artworks he’s donated to Poems in the Waiting Room to help with our funding.  All the installations are either made from driftwood he’s gathered from the Otago harbour or from recycled pallets.

I gave David two gifts – Brian Turner’s book, Elemental – Central Otago poems and 25 Spring poetry cards to drop around Seattle. I love spreading poetry around the globe! We’re not going to let the geographical distance prevent us from bouncing ideas off each other, testing out new poems, swapping great poems we come across, scheming on collaborative exhibitions and other ideas. Exciting times!

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One Response to Parting Gifts

  1. Laurie Keim says:

    The spirit of this post is wonderful.

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