Praising the poets

For Poems in the Waiting Room to work, it needed two essential ingredients, poems and poets. And because that ‘orrible word ‘money’ played a part in the equation we needed not just poets, but generous poets.

Well, we found them in abundance! Over the last five years 159 poets  have gifted me 182 poems for our poetry cards. I’m indebted to them.

thepoetsAny worries I had about bothering the poets again for permission to use their poems in the Bellamys at Five exhibition were allayed when every poet responded  with an enthusiastic yes and yes again to my request to republish their work in the art of poetry, a booklet I’m putting together to accompany the exhibition.

My heartfelt thanks to all the poets who have been so generous to Poems in the Waiting Room over the last five years. Tremendous gratitude to the  39 poets who allowed their 41 poems to be the inspiration for the artworks in Bellamys at Five.

Some of the artists have created works in a direct response to their chosen poem, some used ‘their’ poem as a springboard for their work, while others took a line from ‘their’ poem and played with it. The artists have all expressed their delight at being invited to take part in this collaborative exhibition. Most have said it was a challenge, an enjoyable one, and some have even been inspired to play with words, sending me their own poems for critique!

While the artists are all New Zealanders, the poets are from New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. It’s been the most wonderful international collaboration and I feel honoured to have been a part of it.

My most sincere thanks – Ruth

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