Saluting the artists

the artists1

The artists

Don’t tell me how many days it is until September 1, I don’t want to know!  My lists of still to do have now birthed sub lists of to do after still to-dos are done………

The Bellamys at Five exhibition is going to be Stunning. And that is without one iota of exaggeration. The artworks are varied – ceramics, pastels, acrylic, recycled pallets –  and they are gorgeous, moving, delicate, funny, sobering and warm. I don’t believe anyone could walk away from this exhibition without being affected by at least one artwork.  If I won Lotto this weekend then the show would be over – I’d buy the lot.


And more wonderful artists

Six months ago I approached 64 artists, 40 responded and 30 took on the challenge.  They’ve chosen their poems, they’ve moved countries, they’ve had studios ripped by storms, they’ve been shaken around and through all this, they’ve stuck with me. I’ve even had artworks arrive from NZ artists in Ireland and Timor. Because of the vagaries of mail, another work from Ireland was going to miss the show so in a wonderful international collaboration my artist in Ireland conveyed to a mate his idea for his work and the mate back in NZ is carrying it out.


And even more artists with, two artworks representing two of our artists who were camera shy!

It’s taken a lot of time and energy to orchestrate this exhibition and I’ve had several 2am moments when I’ve wondered what have I got myself into, again. But then an email rolls in or an artwork arrives and my misgivings are dumbed by the artists’ kindness and commitment to this exhibition. And most of them have never met me – I think I must write convincing emails! I’ve had to put up with a couple of jokers who always always want the last word and their emails have made me wonder whether the circus might have been a better calling for them until their works arrived and I was stunned into silence – a rare occurrence for me.

So as Sep 1 approaches this is a public thank you to all the artists for your stunning efforts. I sincerely hope you are rewarded by lots of sales. We’re doing our best to get the publicity rolling.

My sincere thanks – Ruth

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